• Installations and Interior Graphics

    Using the  photo pixels as a medium

    I wanted to explore the patterns of nature that are literally in my own backyard. The amazing variety of shapes and sizes and colors. Too many to be taken in by the senses at one time.  A mosaic of elements. Flattened, overlapping, broken apart and joined together. From the Latin fractus, broken. Fractals are an efficient in generating visual complexity from simple shapes.

  • Textiles

    My photo montages present attractive shapes and colors that are very repeatable as patterns. The abstract nature of their visual elements make these montages great for textiles of all kinds. They can be both reduced and enlarged for impact and for unusual pattern effects. The sense of light in many if these images translates effectively on garments such as swimsuits and other outer wear. They are perfect for resort wears, such as robes and beach towels not to mention isolating some of the patterns onto T-shirts.


    Some of the hanging used for the UCSD Biomedical Library shown in the art montage section of this website illustrate how effective these images can be on fabrics.