Installations and Interior Graphics

There is nothing like scale to make an indelible impact. It can be a revelation to see how a nice small image, becomes spectacular once it is expanded on to a wall. This is one time where “more is more.” Whether a facility headquarters, a conference room or a lobby, a large mural can make the impact you have needed to make.


It is always a challenge to illustrate an important article or editorial point of view. The old adage about a picture being worth a thousand words is very true. However, what specific picture would that be?  The devil is always in the details. Choosing the right image scan be daunting – finding it, getting the rights, getting agreement with the writer, etc., etc. It can be much, much simpler, and often more compelling to use a montage of images. It allows a subject to be broadened, and often allows an editor or writer to discuss a variety view or a specific subject more effectively.


The explosion of information technology, mobile communications and the web has brought challenges to museums and galleries. They have to compete in the “entertainment” business although they may see their mission as an educational one. Taking a leaf from the web, museum and gallery exhibit design techniques should be transferred from the Web.

Combining a variety of images allows an institution to make a larger than life statement. It can be a revelation to see how a small attractive image, becomes spectacular once it is expanded on to a wall. This is one time where “more is more.”  It also allows you to take a variety of the internal resources already within the institution or show, and gives a viewer a tantalizing “peek” of what’s to come.



Companies and institutions are about people. This may seem obvious, but brings challenges to those needing to to highlight and honor those that instrumental in creating and growing the organization. Whether they are living or dead, they need to be remembered. And provide an inspiration for today’s stakeholders and customers. How to make this effective can be a challenge. Busy people do not read plaques, and statues quickly become “furniture”.

The most effective way is to make a large-scale bright portrait of the person (or persons) at issue, and surround them with their important achievements. This makes the image a self-contained “story” that viewers can quick grasp and enjoy. My portraits hang in numerous galleries, corporate offices and even museums, and shown here are a few of them.


They also make an extraordinary gift/retirement award for people of significant stature. …a far cry from a “gold watch” and immensely more useful to the organization. The award ceremony can them become a media event.

Linda S. Nye

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